*Bethlehem United Methodist Church

715 8th St.
Hempstead TX 77445 USA
(979) 826-3458
Bethlehem United Methodist Church welcomes Christians and those who seek to understand Christianity in the Hempstead area. Our aim is to make contact with and encourage others to join us in our ... Read more

*Immanuel Baptist Church

708 Thompson Drive
Prairie View TX 77446-0000 USA
(936) 857-5150
If you have ever been to The Alamo then you know what I'm talking about when I say, "is this it?" That is frequently how many feel when they visit our church for the first time. They are amazed by ... Read more

*KPVU 91.3 FM

Prairie View TX 77446
(936) 261-3750
(936) 261-3769
“The Original Sound in Public Radio”, reaching Prairie View and the surrounding counties that include Waller, Harris, Grimes, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Austin and Washington. Providing ... Read more

*Lee Van Richardson, Jr., Law Office of

1047 Austin St.
Hempstead Texas 77445
(979) 826-8008

*Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

806 7th St.
Hempstead TX 77445
(979) 826-2544
We are the College town Church Reaching Campus Community and Country for Christ. We gather each Sunday to be Taught the Word, Experrience God's love, and Exercise our Faith. Our purpose is to Exalt ... Read more

*Perry's Plumbing

45501 Old Houston Hwy.
Hempstead TX 77445
(979) 826-2683

*Prairie View A&M Univeristy National Alumni Association

P.O. Box 2875
Prairie View TX 77446
(936) 857-5817
The purpose of the Association is to form a union of Prairie View A&M University, alumni and ex-students, and interested citizens of similar aspirations for the perpetuation of Prairie View ... Read more

*Prairie View A&M University

P.O. Box 519
Prairie View TX 77446
(936) 261-3311
Prairie View A&M University, the first state supported College in Texas for African Americans, was established in 1876 during the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War. The dedicated to ... Read more

*Prairie View Federal Credit Union

744 University Dr.
Prairie View TX 77446
(936) 857-4925
(936) 857-4929
Our Mission is to provide a dedicated life long relationship with our members while providing quality services and personalized financial solutions to enhance each member’s life. We have served ... Read more

*Richardson Law Office, PLLC

1047 Austin Street
Hempstead TX 77445-4516
(979) 826-8008
Unless you are a law student or personal injury professional, you are likely unfamiliar with all the laws pertaining to personal injury claims. In other words, you probably do not know what you are ... Read more

*Singleton & Sons Funeral Home, Inc.

627 New Orleans St.
Hempstead TX 77045
(979) 826-2425
(979) 826-4441
When we sit down with a family, we have just one goal: to create a fitting, memorable and affordable service for their loved one. Together, we explore the wide variety of services and products ... Read more

*St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

204 Dooley St.
Prairie View Texas 77446 USA
(936) 857-3272
(936) 857-5352
The mission of St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church is to show the loving presence of Christ in Prairie View and the larger community through prayer, worship, teaching,fellowship and service. ... Read more


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