Q: What are you trying to achieve?
A: A healthier Black business community can only enhance the Black community at large. In addition to the often quoted "by any means necessary", Malcom X also said, "we cannot become acceptable to others until we become acceptable to ourselves".

Q: Must I "register" or "login" to conduct searches on your site?
A: No.

Q: How long is a trimester?
A: Three (3) months.

Q: Why is your text often large?
A: Because all of our site's visitors are not "20-20-20", twenty years old with 20-20 vision.

Q: Why do you conduct your discussions on Facebook?
A: The internet has become the playground of "intellectual cowards". We are only interested in the thoughts and opinions of persons who will attach their names to comments and ideas they choose to share.

Q: Do you really believe you can make a difference?
A: Contrary to popular belief, movements which result in real social change are never the result of a singular group decision. Instead, they are begat, and ultimately succeed, by an accumulation of individuals acting upon personal decisions which direct their individual behavior in a similar manner toward a similar goal. We are, and encourage our site's visitors to be focused on, and responsible for "the man (or woman) in the mirror".

Q: Why aren't there full lists of all available business categories for each City/Area and State/Province page?
A: Time, both yours and ours. We try not to add a business category to a City/Areas or State/Province listing until we have a business, professional, or organization to list therein. Why waste processing time listing and searching through empty folders?

Q: Why do you require "commission compensated individuals" to have an have individual web page or site?
A: The primary goal of this site is economic empowerment within the Black community. This goal is served by links which:
1) increase the circulation and re-circulation of money within the Black community from the networking this site facilitates;
2) encourage non-Black employers to place and make "visible" Blacks in such "commission compensated" positions should they wish to derive benefit from Black spending; and
3) promote the realization of the ancillary benefits which result from the occurrence of the foregoing.

Q: Why are the listings for some countries incomplete or non-existent?
A: The simple answer is that we have not had an opportunity to complete or add them yet. The programming which creates the category structue for each country is a time-consuming process. After creating a sufficient sampling of our site's capabilities, we have chosen to priortize completion of countries' category structures on the basis of demand. In other words, countries in which we have requests for listing(s) are completed first.

Q: How do you set up links to permitted "Additional Reviews"? 
A: Perform the following steps to create the href attribute for linking to the page of an "Additional Review":
1) click here to open file with form script for linking to permitted additional reviews (all other links will be deleted);
2) copy desired line(s) of script to clipboard;
3) click the above "HTML" button ; and
4) paste copied script on page opened by previous step;
5) replace "X's" in form script(s) with URL of the specified 
"Additional Review" page(s);
6) Click "Update" button;
7) complete entry of all other requested information; and 
8) save entire listing by clicking "Save" button.

Q: Why do you require/request "BBI Contact" information? 
A: To insure necessary notices or requests from BizBlack.info reach the appropriate/responsible party in a business or organization. In situations where that party may change frequently (i.e., organization officeholder, for example) it may prove prudent to designate the title of the officeholder instead of an individual. 


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