*OMG Cakes & Southern Best Catering, LLC

8528 Field Creek Court
Fort Worth TX 76134
(214) 335-2841
Celebrity Chef Felicia Guimont is the owner and founder of OMG Cakes & Southern Best Catering, LLC. She touts these as two companies with one mission – “quality service”. Started in 1997, while she was a team lead at Texas Instruments. Now, as a full-time chef, Felicia has a staff of 15 and finds peace in the kitchen, as it’s her safe haven. Growing up in Mississippi, Felicia learned how to cook from her aunt, Shug. From that time to now, Felicia has been a driving force by healing people with her food and taking them back to their childhood with taste. Felicia’s goal with her food is to bring families back to the table one meal at a time.

Our services include full service catering, wait staff, customized cupcakes, custom cheesecakes, gran teacakes and more! We are here to serve!
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